Golden Hour Obsessive + Real Moment Lover

Magic Light

Photographing you in the most magical flattering light is my passion and goal.

I have studied and honed my skills for cinematic lighting for years. Tracking weather, experimenting, calculating sun angles against the landscape. All so I can create the most amazing photographs for you. Often in the UK we aren’t always blessed with the best weather. Finding the Silver Lining: A Little Magic After the Rain
I always try to make the best out of every situation. Sometimes, after a day of non-stop rain, it feels like there’s no hope left of a golden hour. But in that last hour of the day, a little bit of magic happens – the sky clears up and the sun comes out.

Real Moments

I love a good story, the big loud moments and the small quiet moments that all knit together.

This is how I document your day, capturing the big moments through to the small quiet moments.

I love people and telling their story in my unobtrusive style. You can hear more about my documentary approach to your day here.




There isn’t anything quite like the buzz of getting ‘The Shot’, the photo I know my couple will treasure forever. The hug with nanny, the hand squeeze from mum, a big belly laugh from your best friend.

All my recent stories are over on my blog. You can see highlights from my couples days from start to finish.



I can’t say enough how incredible Lucy was! She wasn’t just the photographer, she felt like we’d always known her.

Michalea and Sam



All are welcome here. I pride myself on being a safe space for all. I will be your biggest cheerleader regardless of your gender, race, disability or sexuality.