Day in the life of Rex – 18 months old today.

24th April 2020

Today I am 18 months old, I am not allowed to go to nursery or playgroup at the moment, but being home with my mummy all day is fun, she isn’t racing around shooting weddings. But my daddy is working hard making sure everyone has food to eat.


I love the tap, and shout for it to be turned on. Then immediately shout for it to be turned off. Then on again…then off again.

I always need to try what daddy is eating.

Nap time

Daddy is off to work.

I’m awake mummy.


Furious because I wanted to carry your camera around mummy. 

Not how I imagined that big splash would go, I am now all wet and fed up.

Quavers make everything better.

Fed up now, is it dinner time?

I didnt want a bath tonight mummy, I worked hard getting all the food, mud and sand all over me, now you have washed it off.

Night Night