Wedding Planning Advice – Golden Hour

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Golden Light Portraits

How to fit Golden Light photos into your wedding day.

‘Golden hour’ is my favourite time of the day for portraits, all my couples know this! They often book me because of it.



We aren’t always garnteend good weather in the UK or a golden hour. But here is my advice to give you the best chance of Golden Light portraits.


Golden hour is around 1 hour before sunset, but it depends on the weather and the landscape, and is often not a full hour, it can just be a few minutes of magic light.  I am prepping for it being a possibility all day, keeping a eye on the weather and where the sun will set.


For the best chance of beautiful golden hour photos, we need to be shooting at the perfect time. I email my couples the approximate time for this before the day.

But during the year this can be a odd time in the day, and not always during the drinks reception, when you would traditionally have your photos taken.

The light might be perfect…

During the meal. (there is often 10 mins between courses when we can nip out)

Sight after the ceremony (In the winter golden hour can be as early as 3pm)

After speeches.

Golden hour doesn’t wait.


but we can achieve a lot in a very short amount of time, Sarah and Kyles golden light lasted 3 minutes that all we needed to create magic.


It’s so worth making the most of mother nature.