Dewsall Court Wedding Photography – Angela and Stephen

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I am so delighted to share, Angela and Stephen’s amazing Dewsall Court wedding.

Angela and Stephen are two of the most wonderful, warm, kind people I have had the pleasure of meeting. They made me feel like a part of the wedding and their friends and family from day one, I was able to blend in and really capture the atmosphere of the day. They had the most special service in the church at Dewsall Court itself, followed by a reception in the house. Angela looked stunning in her Enzoani gown, with the most beautiful flowers by Issy and Bella and they partied the night away to Beat Junkie. It was the perfect day;

The Love Story

Angela and Stephen met quite by chance, both keen snow sports fans they were attending a professional snowboarding tour back in 2012 at Chill Factore. They were both there with different sets of friends who had friends in common and over a few beers later that evening, started to get to know each other.

“We hit it off immediately and over the months to follow we started to hang out and snowboard together regularly, becoming great friends.”

As Christmas 2012 approached Angela invited Stephen for Christmas dinner;

“After proving my culinary skills were no match for Stephens’s as I burnt the feast, I realised I did not want him to go home.”

 The rest as they say is history;


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The Proposal

Stephen planned to pop the question on their snowboarding trip to Japan but wasn’t quite sure when would be the perfect moment to pop the question;

“I knew it was just a case of where and when…as it turned out it was to be after our first and most amazing day on snow.”

As they rode back to the hotel through the amazing snowfall, with huge smiles on their faces, Stephen spotted the perfect place;

“I saw a single silver birch tree not far from the hotel…so I made my move. When I asked Angie to be my wife it was the most stand out moment in my life…she said YES and it blew me away.

I could also relax and finally stop checking my coat pocket every two minutes to make sure the ring was still there!!”


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Memorable Moment

 Everyone’s wedding days are filled with special moments and I love to capture those, for Angela and Stephen, the first look in the church was a stand out emotional moment from the day;

“The first moment we cast eyes on each other in the church. I was expecting to ugly cry but I just could not stop myself from smiling (not that I was trying to stop myself!).”

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Wedding planning

Angela and Stephen really wanted an intimate wedding, celebrating with their closest family and friends. Having looked extensively for the perfect venue they discovered Dewsall Court online.

Dewsall Court is one of my favourite venues, it’s a stunning setting and offered them everything they were looking for, in particular they loved the fact that the venue offers 48 hour exclusive use with lovely accommodation which meant that many of their guests could stay with them at the venue.

This also meant that the pre-wedding revelry began on the evening before the big day! They had a lovely supper and a big fat quiz hosted by the bridal party. Such a brilliant way to start the celebrations;

“The wedding food and drink options offered at Dewsall are amazing but the deciding factor for us was the beautiful location and in particular the church in the grounds. All the staff at Dewsall could not be more welcoming and helpful both in the run up to the wedding and on the day itself.”

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The Bridal Party

 Angela looked totally beautiful on the day, she wore a stunning dress called Laurie by Enzoani from Love Bridal in Altrincham. It had a divine low back with delicate beaded detail and Angie wore a beautiful veil from Sassi Holford. Angie’s bridesmaid’s pale pastel dresses were from Maid to Measure which have an amazing versatile collection of bridesmaid dresses.

The bridal party had hair and make up done by lovely and talented ladies; Tabitha Maccurach- Pine and Naomi Emmanuelle. I love the bridal prep part of the day, so many laughs and joy and nervous excitement!



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 Jo at Issy & Bella created the stunning bouquets and all the beautiful decor on the tables, she is so talented;

“Her stunning flowers truly surpassed my expectations, which were already high given her social media portfolio is on point. In fact the only time I cried all day was when she presented me with my bouquet. It was truly stunning and blew me away. The church decorations and table decorations were understated and so elegant and could not have been more perfect.”


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” Lucy of course! Both you and your photos are amazing. Your first email was what won us over as it exuded personality and our confidence in you and that you could capture our big day in a way we would cherish for years to come was confirmed at our first meeting. You are so down to earth and relaxed. We barely noticed your presence on the day as you blended in with our guests so well. Our guests also commented how lovely you are. Can we do it all again please?? “

The Entertainment

 Stephen and Angela booked the brilliant Beat Junkie for the wedding. With 4 weeks to go till the big day they were advised that the church choir were no longer able to perform during the ceremony and Beat Junkie helped out;

“Beat Junkie saved the moment by thankfully agreeing to learn hymns, which is not usually their gig, and agreed to arrive earlier to perform for our wedding. They performed stunning first class versions of the alternative songs we had requested both in the church and at the drinks reception and then later rocked the joint as a full band. They have an infectious enthusiasm and energy about them and provided a fantastic range of songs to keep everyone happy and dancing. We had numerous comments from our guests on how talented the band are.”


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Finally Any advice for future couples wedding planning?

We’d say – just enjoy it! Simple!


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Wedding Suppliers

We cannot recommend our suppliers enough, all of them!”

 Thanks so much to Stephen and Angela for choosing me to capture their day, it was epic. Huge congratulations to you both and wishing you loads of joy for the future xx Lucy xx


Bridal Shop – Love Bridal Altrincham

Dress – Laurie by Enzoani

Veil – Sassi Holford

Shoes – Casanova by Aquazurra

Jewellery – Bespoke made by Victoria Fergusson

Jacket/Shirt/Chinos/Shoes/Watch – Hugo Boss

Tie/Waistcoat/Pocket Square – Ted Baker

Dresses – Maids to Measure

Hair – Hair By Tabitha

Make Up – Naomi Emmanuelle

Flowers – Issy & Bella