Sheldrakes wedding photography – Áine and Joe


I have such a special wedding to share with you, Áine and Joe’s day at Sheldrakes on the Wirral. It was a pleasure to get to know this awesome couple and capture their wedding day. Now over to Áine and Joe who have kindly share their wedding story with me for share with you all.

Where did you meet?
We met over 7 years ago now. We were both working in part time jobs as lifeguards at the local recreation centre. We were friends for about a year before we got together!


The proposal.
I had been away in Nepal for a month last March/April. I had booked us a weekend away in the Lake District for when I got back as this is Joes favourite place to go. It was a beautiful sunny day so we went out for a walk, we were literally in the middle of no where but with beautiful views all around, we were sat on a wall chatting away and this is where he popped the question! (There was no down on one knee, he just wavered my beautiful ring in front of my eyes haha). We had dinner and drinks that night to celebrate and then cut the trip short and got up early the next day to head back and tell family and friends our news. Joe had asked my dad during the month I was away but had made dad promise he wouldn’t say a word, including to my mum. No one was expecting this, so it was really special telling everyone to their faces, the best feeling. Don’t go straight for social media!!

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My dress was from a local shop called Tina Louise. I didn’t have the moment where I knew it was ‘the dress’. I liked loads so it was process of elimination instead. The girls there were fab though, so good at advising you and made you feel a million dollars. Our bridesmaid dresses were from ASOS! I thought the girls look beautiful as well and not ridiculous prices. Our suits were from next. Again much better prices than suit shops, the men got to keep them and they were great fits for them all. You definitely don’t need to spend above and beyond for this. Joe found a website where he got the ties and pocket squares as a pair for £12 and they were so nice! Shop around definitely.

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Wedding planning.
I think it was the most exciting thing to begin with. Then it was wedding overload and I did nothing for months and then there was the big rush to finish it all in the end haha. It can be overwhelming all the little things you want to do, but at the end of the day so many little things don’t actually matter. Start as early as you like so that closer to the time you have little left to do and can enjoy the lead up instead. I decided to make my own invites, stationary and place names etc. I also did a photo theme which took up a lot of time scanning old photos etc. I was proud of all I did but think it was a lot to take on so always keep in mind what you decide to take on yourself and how much free time you will have to do it.


We got married in my local church where my family have been going to since we were all born so that was an easy decision. I had always imagined a grand wedding maybe in a big marquee. However I came across a blog of a wedding that took place in Sheldrakes. It was so simple but so pretty. We brought family to see and they all loved it. Best decision made as the day ran amazingly. The staff went above and beyond and so many people commented on how beautiful it looked. The atmosphere was great. It was so different and unique to us/our home town.

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Advice for future couples.

I wouldn’t say details don’t matter, as there are a lot of little things I loved and am glad I did but just don’t take on too much yourself. And if you do keep on top of it. I had too much to finish in the last week and had too many late nights. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and get people involved. We did a marriage prep course. We didn’t know how it would be, feared it would be too religious, but it was actually a really nice day and good to take a day out and be together and remember all the great things about each other. Don’t be put off by what people say.

aineandjoe600liverpool-wedding-photographer-63  liverpool-wedding-photographer-65 liverpool-wedding-photographer-66

Our priest is a family friend so the ceremony was lovely and so personal. The food at our venue was next to none. But the icing on the cake was our dads and Joe’s uncle had got together in the lead up to the wedding and put together what is now known as the ‘dad dance’. They had blues brother style hats and glasses and did a routine to Justine Timberlake’s can’t stop the feeling. No one knew it was coming, best entertainment ever. Couldn’t stop laughing and set a great atmosphere for the dance floor for the rest of the night.

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Lucy G photography of course!! 😉 she was like having a friend there for the day, but also knows how to shout a massive group of people together for that group photo you thought would be easy to get haha.

I loved all my suppliers to be honest, no one let me down, the service from them all was next to none. We had a videographer (strongly recommend).

He was Jon at Red Seats, go check him out. Competitive prices for cinematography and he did the best job.

Make up by Lucinka Hodnett MUA, she is the best!

Sweet pea and Ivy venue dressers, had everything I wanted and the venue looked stunning.

Our band/singer!! Everyone LOVED them! James Bradshaw sang/ played piano during our sit down meal, there was then an acoustic set as evening guests arrived and then the band kicked off at 8:45 and played 3 x 40 minute sets and DJ’d in between/till the end of the night (1am). The band is called Amped up.

We also had Liverpool String Quartet playing at the church and as we arrived at the reception. I know I have probably missed people out but think they are the main ones, and I highly recommend them all! <3