Vicky and Ed – Herefordshire Countryside Marquee Wedding in Much Marcle


Vicky and Ed

I have a beautiful relaxed Herefordshire countryside marquee wedding to share with you. Vicky and Ed’s wedding was so perfect, they made the day truly theirs, I loved their outdoor games, at the location for their reception was amazing, with views across Herefordshire. It was such a special wedding for me, I had photographed Vicky’s brother Rob’s wedding in 2012 and her sisters Christine’s in 2015. It was such a honour and so wonderful to be back with their families and to see so many familiar faces. Now over to Vicky and Ed who have kindly written all about themselves and their wedding.

Where did you meet?

Ed and I went to the same high school, in Ross. We met in year 7 but became friends in year 9. Whilst being at school together and in most of the same lessons our friendship developed. We started dating in sixth form however we went our separate ways to go to university. After a year of being apart we decided to give it another go. With Ed being on a placement year in Cornwall it was a bit of long distance relationship as I lived in Oxford but we made it work.

The Proposal

It was a bit of a miserable day the 11th November 2014, but Ed had planned to propose. With a bit of luck the rain stopped for about an hour just before lunch so Ed suggested we went for a walk. We went walking across the ridge and made it to the view point (we were sat on the big log that we stood on to have photos on our wedding day), this is only about 5 mins from our house but Ed wanted to have a rest there….. We were discussing the tradition they have in Paris on love Lock Bridge where you add a padlock then throw the key away as a sign of never ending love. We had added a padlock on my birthday earlier that year but weren’t aware we were meant to throw the keys away. Ed had brought the keys with him and said if I loved him then I was to throw off over the edge of the ridge, after a little thought of ‘where is this heading??’ I threw the keys away. I turned to look at Ed and saw him kneeling in a puddle holding a beautiful ring.


 Vicky&d Peview-6-2 Vicky&d Peview-3Vicky&d Peview-1 Vicky&d Peview-4  Vicky&d Peview-6 Vicky&d Peview-7Vicky&d Peview-14-2

Vicky&d Peview-22-2

Vicky&d Peview-1-2 Vicky&d Peview-2-2 Vicky&d Peview-12 Vicky&d Peview-3-2 Vicky&d Peview-14 Vicky&d Peview-4-2 Vicky&d Peview-16 Vicky&d Peview-5-2 Vicky&d Peview-18 Vicky&d Peview-19 Vicky&d Peview-20 Vicky&d Peview-7-2


The wedding planning was a little delayed initially as my sister due to get married in May. As soon as June arrived we decided to start the planning properly. Luckily for us my family have had a few weddings in the last few years so we had a bit of an idea how to do it and were able to pick the best bits from each one – especially the photographer. Ed always said wedding planning is as stressful as you make it so we tried to be laid back, got the important things, photographer, Venue and Caterers sorted as soon as we could. I had a plan to spread the planning out so we did a few jobs each month over the 12 months we had. We chose to get married in June as it normally worked out as a quiet moment on the farm in between 1st and 2nd cut of silage.

All went smoothly but the last few weeks before became a little more stressful. Trying to roll the field and cut the silage at the right time to make sure the field was suitable and the grass wouldn’t be too long for our guests to walk through whilst being reliant on the weather.



Choosing the venue was easy – we both agreed on a church wedding. I grew up looking at ST. Weonards church through my bedroom window, and had links to it after attending the school next to it. Ed had no issues with ST. Weonards church knowing that I wanted to get ready in my family home and felt it was close enough for even me not to be late on the big day.

With a view like we have from the top of the ridge we didn’t consider any other options but a marquee. With Ed and his family being farmers the most difficult part was deciding which field to put it in as multiple have amazing views.


Vicky&d Peview-22 Vicky&d Peview-23 Vicky&d Peview-24 Vicky&d Peview-25 Vicky&d Peview-26 Vicky&d Peview-9-2 Vicky&d Peview-28 Vicky&d Peview-31 Vicky&d Peview-29 Vicky&d Peview-10-2 Vicky&d Peview-32 Vicky&d Peview-33 Vicky&d Peview-34 Vicky&d Peview-35 Vicky&d Peview-36
Vicky&d Peview-12-2 Vicky&d Peview-38 Vicky&d Peview-2-3
Vicky&d Peview-41 Vicky&d Peview-42 Vicky&d Peview-13-2 Vicky&d Peview-44

The most memorable part of the day.

Ed’s opinion – the moment he turned around to see me walking down the aisle, he said this was the moment his nerves disappeared.

My opinion – the whole day is just impossible for me to forget. I loved every minute.


Advice for future brides-

Ed was right – wedding planning is as stressful as you make it.

If things go wrong on the day just smile- no else knows how it was meant to be but if you look grumpy people will get suspicious.

Vicky&d Peview-47 Vicky&d Peview-82 Vicky&d Peview-48 Vicky&d Peview-49 Vicky&d Peview-50 Vicky&d Peview-51 Vicky&d Peview-52 Vicky&d Peview-15-2 Vicky&d Peview-54 Vicky&d Peview-16-2 Vicky&d Peview-56 Vicky&d Peview-57
Vicky&d Peview-17-2 Vicky&d Peview-60 Vicky&d Peview-61
Vicky&d Peview-63 Vicky&d Peview-65 Vicky&d Peview-66 Vicky&d Peview-67 Vicky&d Peview-73 Vicky&d Peview-19-2
Vicky&d Peview-74Vicky&d Peview-77   Vicky&d Peview-78
Vicky&d Peview-20-2

Vicky&d Peview-80 Vicky&d Peview-85 Vicky&d Peview-84 Vicky&d Peview-21-2 Vicky&d Peview-86 Vicky&d Peview-87 Vicky&d Peview-88 Vicky&d Peview-89 Vicky&d Peview-90 Vicky&d Peview-91 Vicky&d Peview-92 Vicky&d Peview-93 Vicky&d Peview-94 Vicky&d Peview-95 Vicky&d Peview-96


Other Suppliers

All fantastic and deserve all the recommendations in the world!

DJ Bov (Robbie Symonds) who we felt did an amazing job keeping everyone on the dance floor from the first to last dance.

Sue Rudge Floral Design – for doing all our beautiful flowers in the church and bridal bouquets

Cheers Mobile Bar– well staffed and stocked and very happy to go the extra mile

Hilary Wedlocks – did my hair and makeup, mums and bridesmaids hair, did a fantastic job

Williams Marquees – provided a fantastic venue and helped us to make the most of our view.

Posh Potties– really good service, we never thought we would receive compliments on the choice of toilets!

Perfect Pig Roast -tim hanks was awesome, and the hog roast was super tasty and everyone raved about it (especially Lucy 😉 )