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I have something a little different to share with you this evening, about a year ago I created a tutorial for how to make your own Wedding Sign for  Adore by Chloe Blog, It was then through Chloe picked up and published in Save the Date Magazine. But I realised I hadn’t shared it on my own blog. So today I delved into the archives of my computer to bring you this special tutorial.  If you have any questions at all please do let me know. Have fun!

It was super easy to make, even I could do it! All you will need:

  • A Piece of Wood
  • White Paint
  • Back  Paint
  • Tape Mesure
  • A pencil
  • A Pen
  • Scissors
  • A Drill
  • Piece of String
  • Masking Tape
  • Word or Photoshop on your computer
  • Paper and Access to a Printer


Step One:

Paint you piece of wood, I chose to paint my white, but you could pick any colour!


Step Two:

Measure the width of your piece of wood.

Step Three:

This is where we make the letters for your sign, I am using word for this as I know not everyone has Photoshop. I wanted to visualised how the text would look on my sign so I changed the paper size to the width of my piece of wood, I did this by going to file > Page Set Up > Paper Size > Manage Custom Sizes. I then typed the width in to the settings.

I could now visualise what I could fit into the width wording and arrow wise. My advice with font would be to pick something simple and classic to start with, once you have mastered the technique it you could try some more complicated fonts.
Step Four:

Print out your wording and check it looks ok on the wood by cutting it down to size.


Step Five:

Now is the fun bit! Grab your pencil and scribble like crazy on the back of each letter and the arrow. Its like colouring in at school all over again! (If you want to make more than one sign you can reuse this same piece of paper! You don’t need to reprint and scribble again.)


Step Six: 

Next you need to type the piece of paper to your sign, I used masking tape so it was easy to take off. Then with a pen, draw around the out line of each letter, you need to be fairly neat but don’t worry if you go over the lines like I did.

Once you have done this take off the piece of paper and you should have an outline. (I decided to do the arrow separately)

Step Seven:

Ok so this is the part where you need to try and be as neat as possible, this is something I am not brilliant at I was always the child at school who went over the lines. My tip would be to use a small brush and keep it loaded with paint, its easier to push around and get a clean line. But dont worry if you do go over, No-one will be looking at it up close and you can always touch up mistakes with white paint.


Step Eight:

This step is optional, I wanted to make my sign look more rustic and weathered  so I made some grey paint with my left over black and white paint. Now unlike the letters for this technique you need to keep your brush fairly dry of paint, then rubbed the brush along the edges of the sign, giving it a bit of shading and a rustic look.


Step Nine: 

Drill two holes in each corner so you can thread some string or ribbon so you can hang it up.

Finally Don’t forget to varnish you sign if it is going to be outside in the rain!


And tah dah! there you go, super easy you have created your own wedding sign.



If you have any questions at all please feel free to ask! I would love to see your signs if you make one.


Other Ideas:

If you have a wider piece of wood you can always add your names, or even a phrase.


Some Ideas from 






Lots of love Lucy xx



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