After University (What do I do now?)

So during my  third year of university, I scaled back with my wedding photography. Weddings are very special and important and with my work load I didn’t want this to affect my performance on a wedding day. I photographed one wedding while I was studying, in a month when I knew I would have the majority of my work done, Amy and Robert’s in April down in Alysbury (see their slide show here.)

I also have one other very spacial wedding, Zoe and Andrew’s wedding in August at Canterbury Cathedral! I was so excited about the opportunity to capture such a beautiful wedding in such an incredible venue. Check out the video slideshow below of their beautiful day.


It was this wedding that really persuaded me that this is want to do!

Check out t my next post post about how I took the plunge into becoming a full time wedding photographer.


* All photography is by unless stated. (C) Lucy Greenhill