Second year of university pt. 1

So my second year of uni was pretty mad! I lived in a big terraced house with 6 bedrooms, with 5 boys!! This was a very crazy time in my life boys are weird, they spent a lot of time making mess and noise! They played pranks on each other all the time. I was happy living with boys, girls bring way too much drama.  As I was the only girl in the  house I turned my room into a girlie haven, I painted the walls barbie pink! We had some crazy times in that house, we made a lot of mess and noise, I had my 21st birthday party there, for some reasons we played a game of who can through potatoes at the wall the hardest which resulted in us having to repaint, we got broken into in the middle of the day while we were watching TV, I feel down the stairs while dresses up as a hooters girl and we all got bad ass at Mario Cart on the Wii. Here are some embarrassing photos of the crazy times! (yes we did pitch a tent in the living room and I still have no idea why.)

During all this madness and partying I had a job (I worked at Waitrose more of that later) and I was photographing weddings when I could, oh and I had lots of uni work to do too. One of the main project we did was in my second term where we had to put on an exhibition. It was durring this time that I really found my style as a photographer I fell in love with fashion photography and decided that this is what I wanted to concentrate on at uni.

The Exhibition I did in my second year was super stressful and it definitely prepared me for the big exhibition we had to put on in our 3rd year. Below are the images I had up in the exhibition.

After the exhibition, in my 3rd term I knew that fashion/commercial photography was something I wanted to concentrate on, well at university any way, I was still photographing weddings and loving it! (More of that is part 2)

I did some lovely shoots in my last term with the help of some friends, and this is when it all clicked into place that fashion and commercial photography is what I wanted to do.



* All photography is by unless stated. (C) Lucy Greenhill